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    27 July 2005

    Security Council Forwards List of Ad Litem Judge Candidates for Former Yugoslavia Tribunal to General Assembly

    NEW YORK, 26 July (UN Headquarters) -- With the number of candidates for ad litem judges for the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia still falling short of the minimum number required by the court’s Statute, the Security Council this morning forwarded a list of 34 candidates to the General Assembly.

    Action on today’s resolution 1613 (2005), adopted unanimously, was taken following several extensions of the period allowed for nominations by the Tribunal’s Statute, as the list of candidates remained short of the minimum required number of 54.  An initial extension of the deadline was carried out following the adoption of Council resolution 1597 on 20 April, by the terms of which the Council also amended article 13 ter of the Tribunal’s Statute to allow for re-election of existing ad litem judges.  On 7 June, the Council extended the deadline for a further 30 days.

    Forwarding the list of candidates to the President of the Council in his letter of 14 July (document S/2005/454), the Secretary-General also drew the Council’s attention to paragraph 1 (c) of article 13 ter of the Tribunal’s Statute, which provides for the establishment “of a list of not less than 54 candidates, taking due account of the adequate representation of the principal legal systems of the world and bearing in mind the importance of equitable geographical distribution”.  He noted that the list “continues to be short of the minimum number”.

    The Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, located in The Hague, Netherlands, was established by Security Council resolution 827 on 25 May 1993.  It is mandated to prosecute and try persons responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in the former Yugoslavia since 1991.  The Tribunal prosecutes and tries four clusters of offences:  grave breaches of the 1949 Geneva Conventions; violations of the laws or customs of war; genocide; and crimes against humanity.

    The meeting started at 10:23 a.m. and adjourned at 10:25 a.m.

    The full text of resolution 1613 (2005) reads as follows:

    “The Security Council,

    “Recalling its resolution 827 (1993) of 25 May 1993, 1166 (1998) of 13 May 1998, 1329 (2000) of 30 November 2000, 1411 (2002) of 17 May 2002, 1431 (2002) of 14 August 2002, 1481 (2003) of 19 May 2003, 1503 (2003) of 28 August 2003, 1534 (2004) of 26 March 2004 and 1597 (2005) of 20 April 2005,

    “Having considered the nominations for ad litem judges of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia received by the Secretary-General,

    “Forwards the following nominations to the General Assembly in accordance with Article 13 ter (1) (d) of the Statute of the International Tribunal:

    Mr. Tanvir Bashir Ansari (Pakistan)

    Mr. Melville Baird (Trinidad and Tobago)

    Mr. Frans Bauduin (The Netherlands)

    Mr. Giancarlo Roberto Belleli (Italy)

    Mr. Ishaq Usman Bello (Nigeria)

    Mr. Ali Nawaz Chowhan (Pakistan)

    Mr. Pedro David (Argentina)

    Mr. Ahmad Farawati (Syrian Arab Republic)

    Ms. Elizabeth Gwaunza (Zimbabwe)

    Mr. Burton Hall (The Bahamas)

    Mr. Frederik Harhoff (Denmark)

    Mr. Frank Höpfel (Austria)

    Ms. Tsvetana Kamenova (Bulgaria)

    Mr. Muhammad Muzammal Khan (Pakistan)

    Mr. Uldis Kinis (Latvia)

    Mr. Raimo Lahti (Finland)

    Ms. Flavia Lattanzi (Italy)

    Mr. Antoine Mindua (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

    Mr. Jawdat Naboty (Syrian Arab Republic)

    Ms. Janet Nosworthy (Jamaica)

    Ms. Chioma Egondu Nwosu-Iheme (Nigeria)

    Ms. Prisca Matimba Nyambe (Zambia)

    Ms. Michèle Picard (France)

    Mr. Brynmor Pollard (Guyana)

    Mr. Árpád Prandler (Hungary)

    Ms. Kimberly Prost (Canada)

    Mr. Sheikh Abdul Rashid (Pakistan)

    Ms. Vonimbolana Rasoazanany (Madagascar)

    Mr. Ole Bjørn Støle (Norway)

    Mr. Krister Thelin (Sweden)

    Mr. Klaus Tolksdorf (Germany)

    Mr. Stefan Trechsel (Switzerland)

    Mr. Abubakar Bashir Wali (Nigeria)

    Mr. Tan Sri Dato Lamin Haji Mohd Yunus (Malaysia).”

    * *** *