Press Releases

    29 September 2005

    Press Statement on Sudan by Security Council President

    NEW YORK, 29 September (UN Headquarters) -- Following is today's statement to the press on the Sudan by Security Council President Lauro Baja (Philippines):

    The members of the Security Council held consultations on 21 September on the situation in the Sudan.  They expressed serious concern at recent reports of a resurgence of violence in Darfur.

    In addition the members of the Council condemned the rise in banditry, as outlined in the Secretary-General's report.

    The members of the Council welcomed the launch of the sixth round of the Abuja talks.  They reiterated their full support for the talks and for the African Union chief negotiator Salim Ahmed Salim.  They stressed that only a political solution can achieve durable peace and reconciliation in Darfur.  They called upon the Sudanese Liberation Movement/Army, the Justice and Equality Movement, and the Government of the Sudan to negotiate in good faith with a view to reaching a peace agreement in Darfur by the end of 2005. 

    They emphasized the need for all parties to show calm and restraint and fully to honour the ceasefire, and urged that progress in the talks not suffer, due to violence in Darfur or to divisions within the two sides.

    They welcomed the formation of the new Sudanese Government of National Unity.

    The members of the Council urged all parties to conclude the Status of Forces Agreement to allow free and unrestricted movement of United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) personnel in Sudan.

    The members of the Council remain firmly committed to the cause of peace in all of the Sudan, including through the full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the resolution of the conflict and the humanitarian crisis throughout the country.

    The members of the Council reiterated their appreciation and support for the continuing efforts of the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS) operating on the ground in Darfur.  They urged all parties to immediately halt all obstructive acts against AMIS personnel, and also urged an end to all restrictions on humanitarian organizations in Darfur.

    The members of the Council called on all donors to honour their Oslo pledges to contribute to the consolidation of peace in the Sudan.

    * *** *