Press Releases

    14 November 2005

    Security Council Press Statement on Liberia

    NEW YORK, 11 November (UN Headquarters) -- The following is a Security Council press statement on Liberia, delivered today by the President of the Council, Andrey I. Denisov (Russian Federation):

    Members of the Security Council were briefed by Assistant Secretary-General Hédi Annabi of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations on the second round of presidential elections in Liberia, which were held on 8 November 2005.

    Members of the Security Council welcomed the peaceful and orderly conduct of the elections and commended all Liberians attending the polls.  The members of the Security Council underlined that the completion of free and fair presidential elections will be a key step forward towards restoring the normal State functions of Liberia and will pave the way for the return of Liberian refugees to their homeland.  The members congratulated the Liberian people for demonstrating their strong commitment to peace and democracy.  The members of the Security Council also congratulated the two presidential candidates for the way in which they conducted their campaigns in a serious, mature, and peaceful manner.

    Members of the Security Council reiterated their appreciation for the dedicated and able efforts of the National Elections Commission and for the support provided by the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and other multilateral and bilateral partners in the preparation and holding of the elections. 

    Members of the Security Council stressed that any concerns related to the election should be pursued and resolved exclusively through peaceful and legal means, which will further underline the new Liberia's irreversible commitment to the rule of law.  The members urged the candidates, their parties and all their supporters to respect the final results of the election once they are officially declared.

    * *** *