Press Releases

    1 December 2005

    Security Council Press Statement on Burundi

    NEW YORK, 30 November (UN Headquarters) -- Following is the Security Council press statement on Burundi delivered today by Council President Andrey I. Denisov (Russian Federation):

    The Security Council adopted this morning a resolution extending the mandate of the United Nations Operation in Burundi, ONUB, until 15 January 2006.  This is a technical extension, to allow time for discussion on the future of ONUB.

    This morning, the Security Council also heard a statement from the Minister of External Relations and Co-operation of Burundi, Mrs. Antoinette Batumubwira.  The members of the Council took this opportunity to congratulate the people of Burundi for the successful conduct of the electoral process and the peaceful transfer of authority to an elected Government.  They encourage the new Burundian authorities to continue on the course of stability and national reconciliation and to promote social concord in their country.

    The members of the Council are also grateful to the Regional Initiative for peace in Burundi, the African Union and ONUB for their significant contribution to the success of the transition.  They reiterate their support for ONUB, which continues to have an important role to play in support of the Government's efforts towards the consolidation of peace, together with the Burundi Partners' Forum.

    The members of the Council will now start to review the mandate of ONUB, taking into account developments of the situation in Burundi and in the region, and the numerous challenges remaining to be addressed.  They took note in this regard of the views expressed by the Government of Burundi and of the latest report of the Secretary-General.  They recognize in particular the importance of a gradual disengagement of ONUB.  They encourage the Burundian authorities and ONUB to consult closely on this matter.

    The members of the Council once again call upon the Palipehutu-FNL to join the peace process without further delays or conditions.  They welcome the willingness shown by the Government to achieve a peaceful solution.

    * *** *