2 August 2005

Secretary-General Welcomes Vote of Confidence in New Lebanese Government

NEW YORK, 1 August (UN Headquarters) -- The following statement was issued on 30 July by the Spokesman for UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan:

The Secretary-General welcomes the vote of confidence that has formally established Lebanon’s new Government headed by Prime Minister Fuad Siniora.  He also welcomes the Government policy statement outlining an agenda of essential political and economic reforms for Lebanon.  This would require the cooperation and commitment of all relevant parties.

The Secretary-General extends the support of the United Nations to the new Government in meeting the challenges ahead in the best interest of the people of Lebanon.  He particularly looks forward to progress towards the full implementation of all the requirements of Security Council Resolution 1559 and will continue to work closely with the parties in that regard.

* *** *