26 October 2005

Heads of Principal UN Organs Hold Seventh Meeting

NEW YORK, 25 October (UN Headquarters) -- The following statement is attributable to the Spokesman for UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan:

The Heads of the six Principal Organs of the United Nations (General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, Trusteeship Council, International Court of Justice and the Secretariat) held their seventh annual meeting in New York today.  The meeting was followed by a luncheon hosted by the Secretary-General.  The Secretary-General initiated this annual process in 1998 with a view to improving coordination among the Principal Organs, as well as efficiency in the workings of the Organization.

The Secretary-General and the five Presidents exchanged views on important developments in the Principal Organs; key matters of which the Principal Organs are seized; and challenges ahead.  Among the issues discussed were the results of the 2005 Summit and ongoing efforts to implement the decisions taken at the Summit, including the responsibilities assigned to the Economic and Social Council; the Peacebuilding Commission; the Human Rights Council; and overall management reform of the United Nations.  The situations in Lebanon, Côte d'Ivoire, Kosovo and Ethiopia/Eritrea were also discussed.

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