Press Releases

    6 July 2005

    Governments Will Take Important Decisions only with Clear Support from Ordinary Voters, Secretary-General Says in Statement on Live 8 Concert in London

    NEW YORK, 5 July (UN Headquarters) -- Following is the text of the statement by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on the Live 8 Concert in London, 2 July:

    I came here to show support for all the millions of people in the world who stand to benefit if the Millennium Development Goals are reached -- especially the children who will be saved from malaria or AIDS, who will grow up healthy, go to school and have the chance to earn their living and enjoy life.

    I also came to express my thanks to the artists who are devoting their time and talents to such a vital cause.

    There are many important decisions that only governments can take.  But they will do so only if they see that ordinary voters really want those decisions, and are ready to support them.

    So I believe events like this really can contribute to change the world.  It’s wonderful to see so many young people become engaged in this anti-poverty campaign.  This generation -- with its voice, with its votes, with its hard work -- really can make poverty history.

    They believe a better world is possible, if we have the will to build it.  And so do I.

    * *** *