7 February 2006

Judge Rosalyn Higgins (United Kingdom) Elected President of International Court of Justice

Judge Awn Shawkat Al Khasawneh (Jordan) Elected Vice President

(Reissued as received.)

THE HAGUE, 6 February (ICJ) -- Judge Rosalyn Higgins (United Kingdom) was today elected President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by her peers, and Judge Awn Shawkat Al Khasawneh (Jordan) was elected Vice President, each for a term of three years.

Judge Higgins is the first woman to have been elected President of the Court.  She is, moreover, still the only woman ever to have been elected Member of the Court.

The International Court of Justice, composed of 15 Members, is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations.  It adjudicates disputes between States and gives advisory opinions to United Nations organs and specialized agencies.  There are currently ten cases on the Court's docket.

Taking into account the result of the election held on 7 November 2005 by the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council to fill the five seats, which were due to fall vacant on 6 February 2006, the composition of the Court is now as follows:


Rosalyn Higgins (United Kingdom)

Vice President

Awn Shawkat Al Khasawneh (Jordan)


Raymond Ranjeva (Madagascar)


Shi Jiuyong (China)


Abdul G. Koroma (Sierra Leone)


Gonzalo Parra Aranguren (Venezuela)


Thomas Buergenthal (United States of America)


Hisashi Owada (Japan)


Bruno Simma (Germany)


Peter Tomka (Slovakia)


Ronny Abraham (France)


Kenneth Keith (New Zealand)


Bernardo Sepúlveda Amor (Mexico)


Mohammed Bennouna (Morocco)


Leonid Skotnikov (Russian Federation)

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