6 April 2006

New DPI Website Consolidates, Improves Access to UN Press Releases, other Media Resources

NEW YORK, 5 April (UN Headquarters) -- The Department of Public Information is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for United Nations press releases and meetings coverage summaries, in English and French, at www.un.org/apps/pressreleases .

The new site consolidates and improves access to coverage of intergovernmental meetings, some while still in progress; statements by the Secretary-General; transcripts of the Spokesman's noon briefing; summaries of press conferences; and other United Nations press releases.  It also provides search functions for these various resources, dating back to October 1995, as well as links to various news- and media-related sites at United Nations Headquarters and overseas Offices.

Managed by the Department of Public Information's Meetings Coverage Section, the website can be accessed directly from the Organization's main website, www.un.org .

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