17 May 2006

Press Statement on Somalia by Security Council President

NEW YORK, 16 May (UN Headquarters) -- The following press statement was delivered today by Security Council President Basile Ikouebe (Congo):

Members of the Security Council welcome the briefing of Assistant Secretary-General Kalomoh of 15 May 2006 related to the recent developments in Somalia, and express their deep concern at the recent reports of violence in Mogadishu leading to a large number of casualties, particularly among civilians, and the displacement of thousands of people.

Members of the Security Council call for an unconditional and immediate ceasefire by the warring parties and urge all parties to allow for the resumption of humanitarian activities, the rescue of survivors and the recovery of the deceased.

Members of the Security Council reiterate their full support to the Transitional Federal Institutions in their endeavours to implement the Transitional Federal Charter.

Members of the Security Council firmly underscore their united support for the Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD)-sponsored reconciliation process on Somalia and call on all Somali leaders of factions to fully cooperate with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Somalia, the Contact Group and IGAD leaders in their endeavours to secure a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement by all parties concerned.

Members of the Security Council urge all parties to return to the path of dialogue and reconciliation and work within the framework of the Transitional Federal Institutions.

Members of the Security Council remind the Member States of their obligation to implement and enforce the arms embargo imposed by the Security Council in its resolution 733 (1992).

Members of the Security Council express their intention urgently to consider how to strengthen the effectiveness of the arms embargo.

* *** *