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    18 November 2010

    New Permanent Representative of Namibia
    Presents Credentials

    VIENNA, 18 November (UN Information Service) - The new Permanent Representative of Namibia, Raphael Nakare Dinyando, presented his credentials today to the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV), Yury Fedotov.

    Mr Dinyando has served in various capacities in the course of his administrative and political career in Namibia, among them: Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology (2005-2010), Member of the Security Commission of the Republic of Namibia (2001-2005), Member of Parliament (2000-2010), Mayor of Rundu Town (1993-1999) and Control Officer at the Ministry of Lands Resettlement and Rehabilitation (1990-1996). He is a member of the South West Africa's Peoples Organization (SWAPO) since 1978.

    Mr Dinyando holds a diploma from the University of Zululand in Local Government and Administration.

    He is married with five children.

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