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    24 January 2011

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    Reducing Industrial CO2 Emmisions at Reasonable Cost Focus of New UNIDO Reports

    VIENNA, 24 January (UN Information Service) - Ways of dramatically reducing industrial CO2 emissions in the developed and developing countries at acceptable cost are outlined in new studies published by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

    The reports outline a path for the post-Cancun energy and climate agenda, and underline that energy efficiency, renewable energy and CO2 capture and storage need to be combined.

    The UNIDO publications provide a comprehensive overview of the global energy efficiency potential based on proven benchmarking and indicator methodologies.

    According to the papers, the energy efficiency potential worldwide amounts to 26 per cent today, with the potential in the developing countries being nearly twice as high as in developed countries.

    By 2050, some 21 per cent of all manufacturing energy can be of renewable origin. Once these potentials are exhausted carbon capture and storage must come into play. This technology is rapidly evolving not only for power plants but also for a wide range of industrial applications.

    The reports also point out that CO2 reduction is affordable. Many of the measures could reduce cost and enhance competitiveness and productivity.

    Together with the Global Environmental Facility, UNIDO has started an ambitious programme to implement many of the identified measures.

    The reports, Global Industrial Energy Efficiency Benchmarking - An Energy Policy Tool; Renewable Energy in Industrial Applications - An assessment of the 2050 potential; and Carbon Capture and Storage in Industrial Applications: Technology Synthesis Report, are available on the UNIDO website.

    Click here to download the reports:

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