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    24 June 2011

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    UNIDO Director-General Welcomes Consensus by Member States on 2012-2013 Budget

    VIENNA, 24 June (UN Information Service) - The Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Kandeh K. Yumkella, welcomed today's agreement by Member States on his budget proposal for the biennium 2012-2013.

    The decision was taken by consensus during the 39th session of the Industrial Development Board.

    "I fully understand the constraints that many Member States have faced as a result of their difficult economic situation. I appreciate that in spite of these difficulties you were able to reach a consensus and I am grateful for the commitment you have made to continue providing UNIDO with sufficient, stable and predictable resources for the fulfillment of our important mandate. We are grateful to Member States for providing us with the political support we need to make our contribution to the global development agenda," said Yumkella.

    He added that globalization was set to continue, and developing countries would require further economic growth to produce the jobs that will give opportunities to their growing populations.

    "The desire to grow economically and trade their way out of poverty must be accommodated within the boundaries of what our planet can sustain. This challenge of aligning the growth agenda and the sustainability agenda is precisely what UNIDO is about. We are a unique, focused and lean organization, which delivers value for its stakeholders. We are at the forefront of the UN system's response to some of the most pertinent issues facing the development agenda in the 21st century," he said.

    Member States commended UNIDO for implementing a Programme for Change and Organizational Renewal, which will help the Organization achieve its objective of being an effective and efficient "Partner for Prosperity". This will involve to continuously improve UNIDO's services (Growth with Quality) and to deliver them united in purpose and action (Delivering as One UNIDO).


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