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9 November 2012

UNODC and International Anti-Corruption Academy begin new partnership in anti-corruption fight

VIENNA/LAXENBURG, 9 November (UN Information Service) - In the presence of the Austrian President, Heinz Fischer, the UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov and head of the International Transition Team, Martin Kreutner signed a cooperation agreement on making the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) a key partner in combating corruption.

"It is only through the education of the young today that we can raise awareness of the detrimental effects of corruption among the leaders of tomorrow. The cooperation agreement is a significant step towards achieving this goal and it will provide a strong platform for future cooperation," said Mr. Fedotov.

In his speech, Mr. Fedotov stressed the importance of the UN Convention against Corruption. He also highlighted UNODC's own strategic role, which was to lead from the front by developing the international legal framework necessary to tackle corruption.

The Convention provides the blueprint for the international community's efforts in this area. It also recognizes the central role of education in the fight against corruption. However, Mr. Fedotov also emphasized the need for "countries to promote the participation of all parts of society, including the private sector and civil society, in order to effectively combat this threat".

UNODC has helped IACA achieve observer status with the UN Economic and Social Council for IACA, as well as providing office facilities and administrative support to the Academy, particularly during the earliest phases of the organization's life. "This partnership does not start from a blank page and we have already developed a long-standing and fruitful collaborative relationship with IACA," said Mr. Fedotov.

Held outside of Vienna in Laxenburg, the signing ceremony attracted an audience of Ambassadors, distinguished guests and anti-corruption experts. The International Anti-Corruption Academy was formed in 2011 to bridge the knowledge gap on anti-corruption through research, cooperation and education. The Academy has a widespread constituency comprised of 58 UN Member States as well as three other international organizations.

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