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14 September 2012

Forthcoming event: 20th UN/CEFACT Forum to advance global trade facilitation efforts

17 - 21 September 2012 in Vienna, Austria

VIENNA, 14 September (UN Information Service) - The 20th Forum of the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) opens on Monday, 17 September, at the Vienna University of Technology. Over 100 experts from all regions of the world will be participating in this five day event.

With its global remit, UN/CEFACT creates simple and transparent processes for global commerce. It draws up recommendations and standards in a public-private partnership with communities of experts to address a wide array of cross-sectoral and cross-border requirements.

Although much of UN/CEFACT's project work and supporting activities takes place in virtual meetings, the twice-yearly forums enable all the experts to come together in order to foster collaboration and develop new projects. Meetings focus on a wide range of issues such as: trade and transport facilitation, supply chain, regulatory, sectoral, and methodology and technology. Experts dealing with maintenance activities, for example, UN/EDIFACT, also participate.

Special meetings and workshops are scheduled to address specific key topics, including e-procurement, traceability of agricultural products and guidelines on trade facilitation implementation.

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