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    14 May 2014

    Statement of UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov on the kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria

    VIENNA, 14 May (UN Information Service) - As the head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) with a strong mandate on human trafficking and crime in general, I express my revulsion at the kidnapping of these young girls, as well as the disgraceful threat to sell them into servitude.

    I offer my full support to the families and those involved in seeking to return these schoolgirls to their loved ones and communities. I hope that those responsible for these appalling acts will be swiftly apprehended, tried and imprisoned.

    It is vital that we send a clear message to all those who would kidnap, sell or buy human beings that we will never tolerate such actions. That, working together, we will do everything in our power to bring those involved to justice.

    We must not allow the clock to be turned back to one of the most shameful periods in human history when such activities were deemed acceptable by some.

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