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    11 June 2014

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    E3 / EU+3 - Iran Talks

    June 2014


    EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, on behalf of the E3+3 (France, Germany, UK, China, Russia and USA), and Iran have asked Austria to host the forthcoming round of talks between E3/EU+3 and Iran in Vienna starting on 16 June 2014.

    Austria has provided, as part of its foreign policy, its strong support to achieve a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear issue and therefore welcomes the possibility to provide the venue for these important negotiations. The meeting in Vienna constitutes the continuation of the talks on a comprehensive agreement between E3/EU+3 and Iran.

    Media events:            At present, no media events have been announced, however, press briefings during and/or after the talks are foreseen.

    The venue for press briefings is the Media Centre in the Austria Center Vienna.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:   To access the Media Centre, a separate accreditation/registration is required (Holders of a permanent press access card to the VIC will also need additional press accreditation to access the Media Centre.)

    For further information on accreditation visit:

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    Helene SPITZER
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    Michael MANN
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    by Iran:

    Behzad SABERI
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    Tel: +43-68181234559
    Email: b.saberi[at]