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    24 April 2014

    Re-issued as received

    Director General Li in Shanghai for Second China International Technology Fair supported by UNIDO

    SHANGHAI/VIENNA, 24 April - Li Yong, the Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), is taking part in the Second China International Technology Fair at the Shanghai EXPO Centre.

    UNIDO is holding a day event at the fair, titled "The role of technology transfer in the promotion of inclusive and sustainable industrial development".

    "I firmly believe that technology and innovation, and their successful transfer, are fundamental elements of inclusive and sustainable industrial development," said Director General Li.

    "Economic theory and practice have taught us that, in the long run, technological progress is what drives economic growth. Growth, in turn, generates the wealth that allows us to achieve our social objectives, such as poverty reduction, reduced infant mortality, or improved educational services. Technological progress is also the foundation of our efforts achieve our environmental objectives, such as increased resource and energy efficiency and sustainable patterns of production and consumption."

    Based on the realization that current modes of industrialization are neither fully inclusive not properly sustainable, the Member States of UNIDO, at their General Conference in December 2013, adopted the Lima Declaration, in which they agreed that inclusive and sustainable industrial development must become an important part of the world's long-term development agenda. In doing so, they have clearly recognized the role that inclusive and sustainable industrial development plays in eradicating poverty and fostering sustainable development.

    "Without technology and innovation, industrialization will not happen, and without industrialization, development will not happen. History has also taught us that technological progress is best fostered in, and by, the manufacturing sector. Without the industrial revolution we would not be where we are today, with great prosperity and riches beyond the imagination of our forefathers," said Li.

    UNIDO has been involved in technology transfer ever since it was established nearly fifty years ago. Through a host of programmes, UNIDO has consistently been promoting awareness of new technologies, tools to assist in their transfer, training in their use, and matchmaking between technology providers and those looking for technologies.

    The Director General also signed a memorandum of understanding between UNIDO and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, under which UNIDO will continue supporting the China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair, and promote its experience, methods and tools in the field of technology transfer.

    Under a new project, UNIDO will also assist Shanghai in achieving greater efficiency, a better yield and higher quality of its inward and outward investment by providing advisory services to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, other relevant local institutions and the business community as well as mobilizing technology, knowledge, technical/management skills, human and financial resources for the implementation of industrial investment and technology initiatives in developing countries and in Shanghai.

    The Director General signed with Tu Guangshao, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, a project document for the extension of UNIDO's Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) in Shanghai. ITPO Shanghai will continue its function and role of investment and technology promotion for another three years.

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