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    15 April 2015

    Statement of the UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov
    Violence against children can never be tolerated

    DOHA/VIENNA, 15 April (UN Information Service) - Violence against children takes cruel advantage of young people's vulnerabilities and represents a high barrier to the achievement of sustainable development. If children are not safe in schools, in family homes or in the criminal justice system, there is less chance they will be able live a happy, prosperous lives.

    Many children are murdered. According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), thirty-six thousand children under the age of 15 were homicide victims worldwide in 2012. Many are deeply traumatized and psychologically damaged by the violence visited upon them. This is why UNODC is proud to work with the United Nations Children's Fund to empower children to demand assistance and to strengthen justice systems so they can respond to these cries for help.

    The recently adopted Doha Declaration specifically recognizes the importance of protecting children from all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse. It can help further the work undertaken by the UNODC-UNICEF Global Programme on Violence against Children in the field of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

    I remain steadfast in the view that we must undertake robust action to eradicate the violence that blights young and innocent lives. In doing so, we can help bring light into the lives of children who believed there was only darkness.

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