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    10 June 2015

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    Director General Li and Premier Li Keqiang discuss growing cooperation between UNIDO and China

    BEIJING/VIENNA, 9 June (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) - The successful evolution of cooperation between China and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), as well as future joint initiatives, were the focus of a meeting today between Li Yong, UNIDO Director General, and Li Keqiang, the Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China.

    Director General Li conveyed his special appreciation for Premier Li's video speech delivered to the 15th session of the General Conference of UNIDO, held in 2013 in Lima, Peru, during which UNIDO's new mandate with a focus on inclusive and sustainable industrial development was adopted. The video introduced China's experience in industrial development, and received a warm welcome from representatives of all UNIDO Member States taking part in the conference.

    The Director General of UNIDO also briefed Premier Li on the progress made by the Organization since 2013 in the areas of identifying strategic positions, innovation of service models and improvement of efficiency in internal management. He emphasized the fact that inclusive and sustainable industrialization has been featured in Sustainable Development Goal 9 as proposed by the United Nations Open Working Group.

    UNIDO's current efforts, said Director General Li, focus on exploring new service models based on partnerships and investment promotion, with a new Programme for Country Partnership (PCP) approach currently being followed in Ethiopia and Senegal.

    Over the last 40 years, UNIDO has completed more than 350 technical cooperation projects in China, with USD 300 million in technical cooperation delivery. UNIDO was the first international organization to help China learn from the experience of Special Economic Zones and industrial parks, and assisted China in establishing its first investment platform in Xiamen.

    Under the current UNIDO-China Strategic Cooperation Framework 2014-2016, approved by the Chinese State Council, cooperation focuses on food safety and developing green industry.

    Premier Li Keqiang congratulated UNIDO on its recent achievements under the leadership of Director General Li Yong and expressed support for UNIDO's new mandate - inclusive and sustainable industrial development - and the new business model of Programmes for Country Partnership.

    Premier Li also suggested the further strengthening of the study of international cooperation on industrial capacity, and encouraged developed countries, developing countries and UNIDO to work together with China in facilitating the process of industrialization by sharing knowledge and best practices through South-South and North-South cooperation.

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