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    25 February 2016

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    Winners of UNIDO essay competition for Latin America and Caribbean region announced

    VIENNA, 24 February (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) - Students from Brazil, Mexico and Peru were named today as winners of an essay competition launched by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region.

    The competition was titled "The industrialization challenges of the LAC region in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 9 and inclusive and sustainable industrial development".

    After closely examining a total of 140 submitted essays, the top three were named: Telma Giovana de Freitas (Brazil), Jorge Luis Filio Flores (Mexico), and Mauricio Tong Wong (Peru).

    The three winners will receive a paid trip to the UNIDO Headquarters located in the capital of Austria, Vienna, from 8 to 10 March, along with paid accommodation and a EUR 800 scholarship, among other awards. The winners will discuss their essays with UNIDO experts, and members of the GRULAC diplomatic corps, as well as with AIESEC representatives, emphasizing their positions on the industrial challenges in the region and the role that UNIDO plays in helping LAC countries on their path to inclusive and sustainable industrial development.

    Runners-up were Brenda Amairani Bastidas Carvajal (Mexico); Stefan Rickford Knights (Guyana); Kamila de Sousa Aben Athar Alencar (Brazil); Julia Isabel Serrato Fonseca (Mexico); Sebastian Luis Castañeda Alvarez (Peru); Hiran Catuninho Azevedo (Brazil) and Jorge Orlando Nuñez Pagoaga (Honduras).

    Commenting on the winning essays, Carlos Chanduvi, Chief of UNIDO's Latin America and the Caribbean Division, said: "It was fascinating to read the essays of young people from the LAC region. I was impressed by the way they addressed the different  given topics and with their pioneer visions. The young generation will be critical in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals."

    The authors of the essays elaborated on themes such as industrialization, poverty reduction, environment, energy, regional cohesion, women empowerment, and proposed concrete recommendations to take inclusive and sustainable industrial development forward.

    The top 10 essays are available here

    The competition was organized by UNIDO together with AIESEC and the International Commission On Workforce Development (ICWFD) in partnership with the Macro Universities Network (Red de Macro Universidades); the Common Area of Higher Education (ECOES); the Latin American and the Caribbean Universities Association for the Integration (AUALCPI); the University of Monterrey (Tecnológico de Monterrey); and the Latin American Economic System (SELA).

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    Carlos Chanduvi
    Chief, UNIDO Latin America and the Caribbean Division
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