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    10 August 2016

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    Vienna Investment Conference to focus on foreign direct investments as an engine of economic transformation and growth

    VIENNA, 10 August (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) - World-renowned policy experts and academics, as well as high-level practitioners and policy makers, will gather in Vienna from 14 to 15 September for a conference that will look at current trends and potential perspectives related to international investment flows.

    Organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the event will take place at the Vienna International Centre.

    Foreign direct investments (FDI) in particular, driven by activities of multinational enterprises, have been increasingly regarded as one of the defining characteristics of the world economy and an engine of economic growth. FDI-related externalities have attracted increased interest from emerging and developing countries because of the perceived benefits in terms of the injection of capital, technology and knowledge, as well as the potential generation of economic growth in host countries.

    The conference will feature panel discussions with the participation of representatives of major inter-governmental institutions and global centres of research excellence, and academic sessions in which applied policy research will be presented and discussed.

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