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6 December 2018

Executive Director, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Yury Fedotov:

Statement on International Anti-Corruption Day

9 December 2018

VIENNA, 9 December (UN Information Service) - This year we mark the 15th anniversary of the landmark United Nations Convention against Corruption.

Thanks to the Convention, nearly every country in the world now has laws in place making corruption a crime. The international community has recognized that combatting corruption is essential to preventing and addressing root causes of conflict and violent extremism, building peace and protecting human rights.

Governments understand that anti-corruption is critical to countering organized crime, including human trafficking and migrant smuggling, as well as trafficking of illicit drugs, weapons and natural resources.

Through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), every country has committed to reducing corruption and bribery, strengthening the recovery and return of stolen assets and developing effective, inclusive and transparent institutions.

In the 15 years since its adoption, the Convention against Corruption has achieved near-universal status, with 186 States Parties. The Convention is uniquely equipped with a peer review mechanism that is helping to identify technical assistance needs and promote dialogue between countries on the challenges they face in tackling corruption.

As guardian of the Convention, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is working with governments, the private sector, civil society, sports organizations, educators and citizens to reject corruption, promote integrity and achieve the SDGs.

United against corruption, we can foster a culture of lawfulness, help build accountable and transparent institutions, and enable people everywhere to access opportunities and live healthy and productive lives.

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