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14 May 2018

The Secretary-General

Remarks at press stakeout with her Excellency Ms. Karin Kneissl, Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, of the Republic of Austria

Vienna, 14 May 2018

Thank you very much. It is the third time that I have the pleasure to address the media, so obviously I want essentially to express again my very deep appreciation for the Austrian hospitality and for the fantastic cooperation that Austria provides to all our agencies here in Vienna.

At the same time, I have been receiving information about the situation in Gaza, where, according to the last information I have, there is already a number of people killed -- about 30 to 40 -- and probably more than 1,500 injured.

I think it is very important that Israel calibrates its use of force and minimizes the use of live fire. Lethal force should be used only as a last resort under imminent threat of death or serious injury.

And also it is important that Hamas and the leaders of the demonstrations keep the protestors away from the fence and prevent all violent actions and provocations or attempts to breach the fence that obviously make the situation also even more serious.

Again I would underline what I already said, all this only demonstrates the need for a political solution and only with a two-State solution we will be able to have Israelis and Palestinians living in peace and security between the two.

I hope these tragic events today increase the sense of urgency to move ahead in the political process.

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