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26 June 2018

The Secretary-General

Message on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

26 June 2018

This day acknowledges and honours the many survivors of torture world-wide, including those who have been tortured for their political or other views, those caught in the fight against terrorism or those who have been tortured simply because of their differences.  Victims of torture have a right to an effective remedy, rehabilitation and redress.

The absolute prohibition of torture has been stipulated in unequivocal terms in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the United Nations Convention against Torture.  Much has been achieved in the fight against this and other cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment and treatment, yet more action is needed to eradicate torture fully.  Torture remains unacceptable and unjustified at all times, including during states of emergency, political instability, or even in a war. 

On this day, let us also pay tribute to all those who stand in solidarity with victims and their families - and reaffirm our commitment to ending this abominable and useless practice.

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