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    22 June 2021

    The Secretary-General

    Message on Public Service Day

    23 June 2021

    United Nations Public Service Day honors the hundreds of millions of public servants across the globe who dedicate themselves to ensuring the wellbeing of our communities.  As the world continues to face the devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic, their work is more important than ever.

    This year’s observance highlights digital innovations in public services.

    From telecommuting to online teaching to telemedicine, public servants have mobilized digital technologies to ensure the continuation of public services across all sectors despite the challenging and life-threatening circumstances of the pandemic.

    Yet, while many governments have been able to move more and more of public services online, others have struggled.  Globally, the digital divides persist.  Not only do many people lack access to reliable broadband internet, but many others face barriers to accessing digital technology or don’t have the skills needed to access and navigate online public services effectively.

    As public service delivery becomes increasingly digital, we must ensure that public servants have the necessary skills.  We must also ensure that all persons, including persons with disabilities and other groups facing exclusion, are able to access to online services. We will fully achieve the Sustainable Development Goals only when no one is left offline. 

    As we mark Public Service Day, let us continue to recognize, support and invest in our public servants both on- and off-line.  Let our public servants be empowered to serve.

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