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3 November 2022

INCB begins its 135th session supporting Member States to improve availability of controlled substances for licit purposes

VIENNA, 3 November (UN Information Service) – The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) is holding its 135th session in Vienna from 3 to 18 November 2022. The Board will use the session to finalize a special report on the availability of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances to be issued as a supplement to its 2022 Annual Report in early 2023. The thematic chapter of the 2022 Annual Report about trends towards legalization of the non-medical use of cannabis will also be addressed.

At the opening session, the President of the Board, Jagjit Pavadia, said that the overarching objective of the international drug control conventions was to safeguard the health and welfare of humankind, and she acknowledged the responsibility of the Board in ensuring that the use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances was limited exclusively to medical and scientific purposes, as set out in the conventions. 

The focus of the INCB Standing Committee on Estimates, which met before the plenary session on 1 to 2 November 2022, was improving the availability of internationally controlled substances for licit purposes. The Standing Committee reviewed national estimates of licit requirements for narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals used in the illicit manufacture of amphetamine-type stimulants. The Committee works to ensure a balance between meeting medical, scientific and industrial needs and preventing diversion and misuse.

During the session, the Board will examine implementation of the drug control conventions and the licit international trade in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals. INCB programmes to support governments in the implementation of the conventions (INCB Learning) and in addressing new psychoactive substances and non-medical synthetic opioids (INCB GRIDS Programme) will also be reviewed. INCB’s programmes support Member States in their progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 3 on health and well-being and SDG 16 on peace, justice and strong institutions.


INCB is the independent, quasi-judicial body charged with promoting and monitoring Government compliance with the three international drug control conventions: the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances, and the 1988 Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances. Established by the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, the thirteen members of the Board are elected in a personal capacity by the Economic and Social Council for terms of five years.

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