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9 May 2020

The Secretary-General

Message Marking the Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for those who Lost their Lives during the Second World War

New York, 8-9 May 2020

At this time of remembrance and reconciliation, we pay tribute to the millions of people who lost their lives in the Second World War, and remember their sacrifices.

We must never forget the Holocaust and the other grave and horrendous crimes committed by the Nazis.

The victory over fascism and tyranny in May 1945 marked the beginning of a new era.

An appreciation for international solidarity and our shared humanity led to the birth of the United Nations, with the overriding mission of saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war.

Our world is still suffering the impact of conflict. Even during the current COVID-19 crisis, we see new efforts to divide people and spread hatred.  

As we mark this 75th anniversary, let's remember the lessons of 1945 and work together to end the pandemic and build a future of peace, safety and dignity for all.   

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