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26 January 2022

The Secretary-General

Message Calling for the Observance of the Olympic Truce for the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

28 January 2022

In a few days, our human family will come together in Beijing for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The top athletes from around the world have a date with history, in a spirit of mutual understanding, hard work and fair play.

This spirit inspires us all.

The Olympic Truce calls on all parties to stop hostilities throughout the course of the games. 

With conflict spreading and tensions rising, this appeal represents a chance to overcome differences and find paths towards lasting peace.

As we strive to end the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s unite for a safer, more prosperous and sustainable future for all.

I call on everyone to observe the Olympic Truce during the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Through the power of sports and the Olympic ideal, let us build a culture of peace.

* *** *