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6 June 2023

UNOOSA and APSCO collaborate under the Space Law for New Space Actors Project

VIENNA, 6 June (United Nations Information Service) — The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) have announced their collaboration under the Space Law for New Space Actors project. Together, the partners will deliver the “UNOOSA/APSCO Joint Technical Workshop on National Legislation for APSCO Member States 2023” that will take place from 12 – 15 June 2023 at the Vienna International Centre, Austria.

The workshop's aim is to help assess the needs of APSCO member states, raise national and regional awareness of the fundaments of international space law, facilitate networking of authorities with experts, and generate a better understanding of the important aspects related to the development of national space legislation. This gathering is also a crucial element in comprehensive capacity-building to APSCO member states for developing national space legislation to implement the normative legal framework applicable to outer space activities.

International legal instruments have been essential to delivering the safe and sustainable space environment that has enabled over half a century of exponential growth of the sector and the global space economy. With more stakeholders accessing and utilizing the space environment pressures mount to further advance the adoption of and compliance with the international space law to preserve space for future generations. This effort is among the key areas of the work of UNOOSA under its Space Law for New Space Actors project.

Niklas Hedman, Acting Director of UNOOSA, said: “Over 70 Member States, including many from Asia and the Pacific region, are currently operating national space programmes, with many more considering space activities in the near future. These realities underscore the pressing need to raise awareness of and adherence to the existing normative framework governing outer space activities. We are grateful to collaborate with APSCO which will allow their member states to strengthen and expand the knowledge in developing national space law and policy.”

Yu Qi, the Secretary-General of APSCO, said: “APSCO considers capacity-building as the most crucial pillar for developing responsible behaviour and promotion of international space law. We are making continuous efforts to help our Member States and region by providing them with opportunities related to capacity building in space law, which varies from degree education to training and consultation. The cooperation with UNOOSA on developing the capacity of our Member States in the drafting of national space legislation is one of the important milestones. We believe this collaboration opens up opportunities for APSCO and our Member States to have close coordination with UNOOSA to understand international legal regime on space and enhance our role for good governance in outer space.”

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