International Day of Peace 2008: United Nations collects messages of peace from around the world

God is peace. How can there be peace in a godless world?!

Peace cannot coexist with ignorance

Peace is the base for culture, health and development of minds. I very much support any effort to give peace a word. Thank You for this initiative!

Let us all hold hands with two people we love, the world over. Then there won't be any hands left to carry weapons.

Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace. quote by Benito Juarez, the first indigenous person to serve as President of Mexico

There is no life without peace,it is peace which can bring rest of good things like prosperity,economic and cultural development to our world. Humanity deserves peace and security

No war. No violence. All conflicts are finally solved by negotiations. No nation can overwhelm another forever. Respect the human rights of people in unrest.

Make peace not pieces.

Sonnet of peace / We all are made of blood and flesh / Likewise of bones, water and cells / Often we deal with more odds than even / But I tell you my friend, nothing more to understand /Except to be at peace with ourselves / And presto!  I tell you everything will go well!

Peace is most effective when we are at peace with ourselves!

Working together for peace is the most fascinating job a person could do for his fellowmen!

Please allow children to grow as carefree as the lilies in the field. Also in Baghdad, also in Tel Aviv. And let mothers be decision-makers at peace conferences. Also in Washington, also in Moscow.

Peaceday MessagesScientists report that the environment is in peril. In addition, poverty is widespread. Therefore, resources are needed for global recovery - not war.  If compassion is not sufficient motivation for peace, then the bottom line of non-profitability related to the destruction caused by war inspires the conclusion that war is BAD BUSINESS.

Let us live in peace side by side with our neighbours - to be a tough team combating hunger, poverty, crime, diseases . . . . .These and more are the aims and objectives of the United Nations - the list is long but with peace we can be STRONG!

It is high time that the World need more peace and the leaders have to take initiative to promote more awareness in each Country to keep people calm and keep tolerance on each activities and action in life and in Nation. Joshimon

Bring peace to your family and you will bring it to the world. Learn your children to leave in peace, it is your contribution to the future. P    People E    everywhere A    await C    combined E    efforts

Have you ever look into the eyes of a new born and see the great expectation he has about this world . Let us all think about this one new boorn you may know and each of us work to offer him the future he is longing for. Peace.

Those who have experienced the absence of peace are the ones who appreciate it most. Sending messages of peace is important, but more so is the work needed to make it, keep it and build it.

I wish for world peace.

Peace is trying to understand one another. Peace is communication.

May peace grow in your hearts and feed your minds. May you breath in and breath out peace.May your children play in peace. May you speak, live and make peace. May you defend peace and bring justice. May you take no peace away. May you bring peace wherever you go to young, old, weak, and those in war. May peace be with you and yours.

Hoping the world and the United Nations continues its' mission in protecting the sanctity of human life from beginning to natural end no matter what culture, race or geological location a person comes from, that the world may be a better place for our future generations.  MFH

The most big enemy for the Peace is the Fear. The modern human being is frightened to lose things that he does not belong...material and immaterial things and his Fear makes him weak,unsure and distrustful in front of himself , in front of the others and in front of the Wold.  The Most important thing that everyone could do for the Peace on the World is to improve the own Courage and Selfconfidence to be more free to serve toghether a better Futur.


Love + Peace + Water

To the Member States: Please pay your Peacekeeping debts. Proper missions need proper funding! Don't ruin the public image of the blue helmet soldiers.