Press Releases

    30 July 2002

    Press Statement on Middle East by President of Security Council

    NEW YORK, 29 July (UN Headquarters) -- Following is the statement to the press on the Middle East by Security Council President Jeremy Greenstock (United Kingdom) delivered last Friday, 26 July:

    We had further formal consultations this afternoon, as you predicted to me at 12:30. There is now a draft on the table. You have seen it. It was tabled by the Syrian Arab delegation this afternoon, and there was a first round of discussion on that draft. Most members of the Council who spoke wished to have time to consult their capitals on the draft. One delegation made it clear that they would have considerable difficulties with the draft. It is, further, the feeling amongst those members of the Council who spoke that it would be right to move forward if at all possible, with full consensus on this issue. It is an important issue in front of the Council. With those sentiments expressed, I adjourned the meeting and said that people should be in a position on Monday morning to express considered views from their Governments on this draft. We will see where we stand at that point. There was no other business other than the Middle East discussed this afternoon.

    * *** *