#Standup4HumanRights for everyone, everywhere - Human Rights 75


Join us in standing up for human rights by taking part in our campaign to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We have a question for you:

What place do you associate with human rights and why? 

Then tell us how this place is connected to one of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

We want you to think about the human rights that are important to you. Connect the human right to a particular place and tell us about it.

You can participate in our campaign by taking a photo or video of that place (with or without yourself in the shot) and posting it on your social media platforms or send it to us at, along with an explanation of why the place matters to you. 

You can also write a poem, story or create an artwork that represents your connection to the place and the human right. 

Feel free to use any assets offered on the campaign page.


Don't forget to use our main hashtag, #Standup4HumanRights and tag @UN_Vienna (Twitter), @unitednationsvienna (Instagram) or @UNVienna (Facebook) and share the campaign with your friends and family.


Some submissions may be selected to feature on our human rights map.

Click on the round pins on the map below to see which human rights are important to people:

We encourage you to be creative and choose any location that has personal significance to you, an institution, a place with historic significance*, or a place that for you has particular relevance to one of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Find out more about human rights: 

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Download the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 

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*please provide an information source or brief background information on the historic event