Press Releases

    28 December 2004

    Secretary-General Profoundly Saddened by Catastrophic Losses in Southern Asia, Following Earthquake-Spawned Tidal Waves

    NEW YORK, 27 December (UN Headquarters) -- The following statement was issued by the Spokesman for Secretary-General Kofi Annan on 26 December:

    The Secretary-General was profoundly saddened to learn of the massive loss of life and destruction caused by a series of earthquakes and tidal waves in the western Pacific and Indian Oceans today.  He extends his sincere condolences to the people and governments of the countries affected as they cope with their catastrophic losses.

    The United Nations stands ready to provide the assistance necessary to meet the needs created by these natural disasters.  United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination teams are being dispatched throughout the region to work with governments of affected countries in providing rescue and relief assistance.

    * *** *