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11 November 2005

A Globalizing World: International Photography Exhibition to Be Held at Vienna International Centre

VIENNA, 11 November (UN Information Service) -- An international photography exhibition titled "Tales from a Globalizing World" will be on display in the Rotunda of the Vienna International Centre (VIC), 16 November - 2 December 2005. The exhibition project is an initiative launched in 2002 by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The producer is the renowned Swiss photographer Daniel Schwartz, who commissioned 10 photographers from Asia, North America, Africa, Europe and Latin America. The result is an illustration of selected aspects of globalization, pinpointing the growing gap between the developed and least developed countries. 

The exhibition was inaugurated in Geneva, Switzerland, on the occasion of the first phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in November 2003.  The second phase of WSIS will take place 16-18 November in Tunis, Tunisia, and will bring together political, business and civil society leaders to take action to bridge the digital divide, so that the benefits of the information society can be shared by all.

Against the background of the issues being discussed at WSIS, the exhibition highlights new information and knowledge technologies as important driving forces of globalization.

The 10 photographers of the exhibition and their stories are: Andreas Seibert: Somewhere from Nowhere (China, Pearl River Delta: 21st-century megalopolis); Thomas Kern: Homeland of Globalization (USA: from Detroit to the Mexican border); Cristina Nuñez: Made in Italy (Italy, Milan and Naples: parallel worlds of fashion); Stephan Vanfleteren: Facing Stories (Belgium: the poverty of loneliness); Shehzad Noorani: Childhood Denied (Nepal, India, Bangladesh: struggle to survive); Ziyo Gafic: Quest for Identity (Bosnia-Herzegovina: recovery from war); Tim Hetherington: Healing Sport (Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kenya: ways out); Bertien Van Manen: Paradise in Boxes (France: immigrants in the Paris suburbs); Philip Jones Griffiths: Independence and Transition (Viet Nam: values, old and new); Akinbode Akinbiyi: Black Atlantic Divinities (Nigeria and Brazil, Lagos and Brazilia: migrant gods and returnees).

The exhibition can be viewed as part of a guided tour of the VIC.


The exhibition will be introduced at a press briefing, followed by a presentation
by Ziyo Gafic, one of the participating photographers.

Time: Wednesday, 16 November, 11.30 hours
Place: Vienna International Centre, Room G0545

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