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    5 August 2011

    South Sudan's Flag Raised at the UN in Vienna

    VIENNA, 5 August (UN Information Service) - The United Nations in Vienna today welcomed the Republic of South Sudan as the world's newest nation and the 193rd Member State of the Organization in a historic flag-raising ceremony.

    In the presence of the heads of the Vienna based organizations or their representatives as well as representatives of the diplomatic community and staff members, the flag of the country was raised at the plaza of the Vienna International Centre.

    On behalf of the United Nations in Vienna, Deputy Director-General of the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) Mazlan Othman wished the people of South Sudan peace and prosperity on the occasion of the founding of their new nation.

    "I welcome Africa's and the World's newest country to our family of nations. I wish peace and prosperity to South Sudan, its Government and to its people," she said. "Flying side by side, these flags represent the commitment and vision of all the UN members. They send a powerful signal that we are united in a desire for peace and we will never submit to the impulses of war."

    On 9 July, South Sudan became the newest country in the world. The birth of the Republic of South Sudan is the culmination of a six-year peace process and a new chapter in a region that has seen little peace in the last 50 years.

    Numerous UN agencies, funds, programmes along with the peacekeeping mission personnel have worked tirelessly to provide support to both the peace process and the post-conflict reconstruction of the country. The Vienna based organizations will continue to do so as South Sudan has now established itself in the community of nations.

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said at the General Assembly meeting on the admission of South Sudan to the United Nations in New York on 14 July: "At this moment, in this place, the world gathers to say in one voice: Welcome, South Sudan. Welcome to the community of nations. Just days ago, I was honoured to attend the independence ceremony in Juba. I felt the energy, the potential and the pure joy of the world's newest nation".

    With many challenges ahead, the United Nations is fully committed to working with South Sudan to make full use of this potential to meeting its responsibilities as a nation.

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