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22 September 2023

The Secretary-General

Message for World Tourism Day

“Tourism and green investment”

27 September 2023

Tourism is a powerful force for progress and mutual understanding. But in order to deliver its full benefits, this force must be protected and nurtured.  

Today, the climate emergency is threatening many travel destinations and the very survival of communities and economies that depend on tourism. And many developing countries that are severely affected by a changing climate are also facing a growing investment deficit and a cost-of-living crisis.

On this World Tourism Day, we recognize the vital need for green investments to build a tourism sector that delivers for people and planet.

Governments and businesses must invest in sustainable and resilient tourism practices. Private actors must adopt zero-emission pathways, lower their energy consumption and leverage renewable forms of energy. And everyone must protect the biodiversity and ecological balance of all destinations.

Targeted investments can deliver jobs and support local businesses and industries while mitigating the environmental impacts of tourism, empowering communities, promoting their cultures, and contributing to essential social protection systems.   

So let us all do more to harness the full potential of sustainable tourism. Because investing in sustainable tourism is investing in a better future for all.  

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