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22 September 2023

The Secretary-General

Message on World Maritime Day

28 September 2023

Shipping is a pillar of the world economy, a catalyst of development, and a vital link connecting goods, commodities, and communities across the world.

Today, the maritime sector transports over 80 per cent of global trade – and accounts for nearly three percent of global emissions.

That is why speeding up shipping’s voyage to carbon neutrality is critical to our collective future.

The updated Greenhouse Gas Strategy agreed at the International Maritime Organization earlier this year provides a clear plan for achieving net-zero by 2050.

Now we need all-hands-on-deck to deliver on the policies and investments required to realize a just and equitable transition for the entire maritime sector.

On this World Maritime Day, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of a landmark treaty to prevent pollution from ships: the MARPOL Convention.

Through the decades, MARPOL has made important contributions to protecting our planet and ocean by making shipping safer and cleaner.

Looking ahead, let us build on the legacy of this convention and together steer towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for this critical industry – and a safer future for humanity.

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