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15 March 2024

The Secretary-General

Message on the International Day to combat Islamophobia

15 March 2024

The International Day to Combat Islamophobia occurs at a time when we see a rising tide of anti-Muslim hate and bigotry in many parts of the world.
Institutional discrimination and other barriers are violating the human rights and dignity of Muslims. Divisive rhetoric and misrepresentation are stigmatizing communities. Online hate speech is fueling real-life violence.
Much of this disturbing trend is part of a wider pattern of attacks against religious groups and vulnerable populations, also including Jews, minority Christian communities and others.
We must confront and root out bigotry in all its forms. Leaders must condemn inflammatory discourse and safeguard religious freedom. Digital platforms must moderate hateful content and protect users from harassment. And everyone must unite to combat intolerance, stereotypes and bias.
Together, let us commit to promoting mutual respect and understanding, foster social cohesion, and build peaceful, just and inclusive societies for all.

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