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11 May 2011

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

"Road Crashes Kill Nearly 1.3 Million People Every Year, and Leave Millions More Injured or Permanently Disabled"

Message on the Launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety,
11 May 2011

VIENNA, 11 May (UN Information Service) - The launch today of the Decade of Action for Road Safety can help all countries drive along the path to a more secure future.

Road crashes kill nearly 1.3 million people every year, and leave millions more injured or permanently disabled. Impaired driving, unsafe roads and other dangers shatter lives in a matter of seconds.

The Decade can help thwart this needless loss of life.

I call on Member States, international agencies, civil society organizations, businesses and community leaders and people everywhere to ensure that the Decade leads to real improvements.

The Global Plan of Action for Road Safety is our collective map. It covers critical areas for action - from enhancing roads and vehicles to improving the behaviour of drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

Today, partners around the world are releasing national or citywide plans for the Decade, hosting policy discussions and enabling people affected by road crashes to share their stories widely. Now we need to move this campaign into high gear and steer our world to safer roads ahead.

Together, we can save millions of lives.

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